So Many National Parks (421!), So Little Time…

There is a big secret awaiting any 62-year-old who wants to see America the Beautiful. With your national park pass, you’ll also be quite popular because you can bring as many friends as you can fit in your car to visit as many national parks as you want. For the rest of your life!

The National Parks Pass is a lifetime card given to any senior for $80. When you roll up to Yosemite, simply flash that card and breeze right through. If you plan on camping, flash that card again, and you’ll get a 50 percent discount on your campsite.

Maybe you want to drive through Zion National Park without stopping. You’ll avoid the entrance fee at the east gate, navigate between the enormous cliffs until you arrive at the western gate, and continue on your way to California.

You can purchase your pass at any of the parks or buy it online. USGS will mail it to you within five days. Soon you will be biking in Arches National Park, swimming at Lake MacDonald at Glacier National Park, or wandering through a Spanish fort in Florida.

Read HERE for the details on your National Park Pass, and learn the five best parks for seniors.