A Magical Combination of Wine and Film

As if enjoying a glass of fine wine on a winter evening isn’t enjoyable enough, try drinking it as you watch a delicious film about the subject of your enjoyment. Combining two passions can make for a heavenly evening. Choosing from a list of documentaries and movies about wine is the big challenge.

If your favorite genre is mystery, then “Sour Grapes” could be first on your list. A charming con man sold fake rare wine until a billionaire exposed him. And it is a true story! It may change your perception that expensive wine tastes better.

Travel the world from home with films like “A Year in Burgundy” as you dive into the beautiful countryside of France. “Sideways” is a fictional film introducing you to a region of California that isn’t Napa or Sonoma. Have you heard of Barolo? “The Barolo Boys” not only takes you to Italy but also addresses the generational tension between the old and new winemakers of the region.

If you dream of becoming a sommelier or wonder what they go through to be accredited, don’t miss “Somm.” It will make you pause with appreciation next time a master somm helps you choose your wine.

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