Seniors Who Will Inspire You to Cycle

What would it take for you to sell everything you own at 61-years-old and set out on your bicycle to travel around the world? The gentleman raised three daughters and retired from the ad agency he created. His only responsibilities were his recurring monthly bills. Off he went, writing two books about his journey.

Seniors who cycle enjoy a low-impact sport without a tremendous amount of strain on the body. Cycling a mere four miles a day decreases your risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. But why stop at four miles? A 90-old-gentleman gentleman cycles around his local park six times a day. Not a big deal until you realize each loop is seven miles.

The police stopped a 76-year-old granny for riding on the shoulder of the highway. She was not in distress, but it was against the law. The oldest cyclist in Long Beach took up cycling when the state took away his driver’s license when he was 100-years-old!

A sedentary lifestyle can cause physical and mental damage. Cycling can help seniors lose weight and keep brain cells firing. Seniors are never too old to pick up the sport. Look for classes, bike clubs, instructors, or family members who can help you adopt this great pastime even if it’s been decades since you last hopped on. Then have fun!

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