Valentine’s Day with Your Favorite Senior

Valentine’s Day is no longer for lovers! It is for anyone you love. Whether you dote on a parent or a best friend, February 14th is a time to celebrate those close to you.

If you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate the day, simply visit your pal and start decorating. Add red hearts and pink confetti to a table to create a festive atmosphere. Grab some cranberry juice and sparkling water and make a pink fizzy mocktail.

Celebrate the day in the kitchen, making heart-shaped cookies with pink and red sprinkles. Plan an elaborate dinner with a companion and watch an old sappy romantic film. Then laugh about all the boys or girls you left behind.

If you live far from someone you love, send decorations via the mail. You can cut out heart shapes on construction paper, write something on each one about what you like about them, and then stuff them in the card you send.

Whatever you do, be sure to wear red and celebrate what love is all about. As a senior, you’ve gathered an army of friends over the years.

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