Gardening to Do in February!

Who would think that gardening would be a source of activity in the dead of winter? Multiple activities abound to play in the dirt in all parts of the country, making February a happy time for gardeners.

Whether you live in frigid northern temperatures or the south’s warmer climate, pruning can be on the top of your list. Check for days of sunshine so that you can cut away at old growth before the shrubs or trees awake from their dormant stage. Frost occurs in all parts of the country, so use this month to replace mulch around plant crowns exposed by frost heaves.

Pick up your drawing paper and create an outline of plots in your yard for flowers and vegetables. Then head to the kitchen and start growing seeds as we learned HERE/ how to start your garden from scratch.

No matter how cold it is outside, February is a good time to force pussy willows and Forsythia indoors. Check on the bulbs you stored to ensure they aren’t rotting or drying out. If you live in the southern states’ warmer climate, you can begin planting ornamental grasses and perennials, but be ready with row covers if an unexpected freeze arrives.

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