Ten Surprises When You Retire

Retirement is often the end goal. After sleeping late for a month and catching up on projects you’ve waited years to accomplish, many face a great unknown. Issues appear that weren’t expected, like losing your sense of identity since you always associated who you are with what you did. Now what?

Two retired lawyers have itemized their most significant surprises in retirement. Those first days are giddy because you don’t have to be anywhere at a specific time, but a mourning period may follow. It is a process to manage through. No matter how much you loved your career, it isn’t there anymore. What may feel worse is discovering no one is interested in your decades of wisdom and expertise.

The good news may be that you can reinvent your wardrobe. The bad news is that so many designers aren’t focusing on the over-sixty set. Using the word ‘retire’ may be a poor choice of words if you are active and ready to take on the next three decades with gusto. The retirement brand conjures ideas of retreat.

Adjusting to retirement takes time. However, the right attitude and that drive that led you to a successful career will be what will carry you forth in all your new endeavors.

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