2021 Fashion Ideas for the Over-55 Set

Now that the New Year is well underway, it is time to check into the latest fashions for the senior woman. Have you heard of shackets? The slightly oversized shirt-jacket hybrid gained popularity last year, but this year’s version is more colorful and lightweight. Pale yellow shackets will replace darker-colored plaid ones.

Layer a second-skin top under your shacket. This turtleneck hugs your body and comes in wildly different patterns and colors. The surprisingly flattering shirt pops when you layer it with solid colored jackets.

Knit tops and skirts provide comfort and ease of wear for an upscale evening or a casual afternoon. Simply choose if you’ll accessorize them with heeled boots or comfortable sneakers, and you have an outfit ready to make a splash.

Pink? Who knew the color of spring would show up everywhere you turn. From pink shirts to pink light-wool coats, you’ll catch everyone’s eye while you compete with some of spring’s prettiest flowers.

Are you still spending most of your time indoors? Cozy matching sets allow you to stay home in comfort. Think cashmere sweat pants with a comfortable top to match.

Look HERE to view some gorgeous additions you’ll want to add to your wardrobe.