Financial Challenges To Consider Upon Retirement

Did you know you could live longer in retirement than when you are employed? Longevity is a crucial issue when you plan your financial needs for the golden years. With all your savings and astute investments, is there a chance you’ll run out of money when you live past 90-years-old?

You may choose to leave a legacy to your loved one, and therefore keeping up to date with federal estate taxes is imperative. State taxes can cut deeper into your bequest. Be sure to evaluate both federal and state plans, especially if you plan to move once you stop working.

You know volatility plays a role with your investments, and most likely, you created a portfolio to stay protected from fluctuations. However, “Black Swan” events are unpredictable and can impact your investments dramatically. These events include the pandemic or 9/11, which no one expected, but had a profound impact on investments.

The options to protect yourself are numerous and well worth studying. Finding guaranteed income sources is one strategy, as is developing a plan to cover long-term care, and choosing the “4% rule of thumb” are all ways to ensure you are safer as you live longer than you ever dreamed.

Read HERE to learn five retirement challenges and how to address each one. You’ll also read an overview of what financial steps to take in retirement to safeguard your hard-earned savings.

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