Fun Harvard courses you can take – for free!

If you like the idea of attending Harvard, but would rather avoid applications, potential rejection, or living in cold New England winters, why not take an online course or two for free from one of America’s top Ivy League schools?

With such a brilliant opportunity, begin your learning experience with The Einstein Revolution, a course that teaches you the changing role of physics through the life of Albert himself. Or spend four weeks online in an intensive course on Shakespeare, learning how to analyze the characters and plays. This course lets you watch performances and readings from Stratford-upon-Avon without boarding a plane.

Are you cooking more these days and want to understand the physics behind your food? One course will send you to the kitchen to carry out experiments to discover how cooking changes food texture. Or, if you prefer to be outside, check out the backyard meteorology course and learn to forecast the weather.

One hundred and three courses are available for free, and they run one to ten weeks. If you choose to pay for more advanced classes, there are over 270 waiting for your enrollment. You may never be bored again!

Read HERE for ten favorite courses for free and a link to hundreds more. Your nickname could become Mr. or Ms. Smartypants in no time at all.