“Laughter Exercise” for Seniors

Think back on that time that you laughed so hard your stomach ached. Just remembering that episode may bring a smile to your face. It turns out acting like a kid again and letting loose with uncontrollable giggles may be the best medicine that seniors can give themselves.

Aside from how laughter lifts your mood, it’s worth exploring what the jollies do for you physically. A hardy round of chuckles can increase blood flow through your body. It strengthens abdominal muscles, which can help prevent falls. Laughing helps regulate hormones, circulation, and the lymphatic and endocrinal systems.

A trial study conducted to compare laugher yoga with a group exercise program for senior depressed women found that laughter yoga is at least (if not more) effective than group exercise. Beyond the mental and physical benefits, it is just plain fun to laugh.

Next time your knee aches or your back hurts, turn on a comedy. When you laugh, your body receives a rush of endorphins that flood your body. For the next 45 minutes, the effect alleviates physical tension and stress. You’ll be asking yourself, what backache?

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