Getting Your Best Sleep

Are you one of those people who hop out of bed each morning ready to take on the world? Awakening each day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is a noble goal and one worth achieving. Various factors influence your ability to pass through the four stages of sleep multiple times during the night, and awareness of them may help you get all the shuteye you need.

The third stage of sleep is your most resounding, and it is the one most difficult from which to awaken. The first half of the night is the longest time you spend in this stage and the deepest of the night. If you ever were a sleepwalker as a child, this is when your wandering occurred.

Deep sleep is higher in children and decreases with age. Seniors who don’t wake up in the morning full of vim and vigor can point to the decades behind them as a culprit. Other factors that influence your ability to enjoy a restful night are certain medications, caffeine consumption, and sleep disorders. Stress and anxiety can cause sleep fragmentation, which keeps the body ready for danger and thus causing lighter sleep throughout the night.

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