Benefits of Art Therapy

As we become seniors – and we all will be one if we’re not already! – it’s a blast to learn how to create a space to escape and have fun alongside many physical and mental benefits. Art therapy uses creative ways to help people cope with psychological and physical stress or perhaps all you need is a chance at free expression. You may enlist a professional art therapist or simply join a community art class to reap the rewards that art provides.

Stimulating the senses during art class can create new neural connections to replace those which seniors may lose during the aging process. When you are painting or modeling clay, the focus may help reduce anxiety and depression – and enhance the sense of purposeful expression and joy.

Muscle coordination increases as the hands and arms work physically. Social interaction abounds in art classes, especially if you are laughing at the artist you aren’t! Having shared experiences can often bond people in ways that lead to larger friendships.

For those experiencing dementia, studies show that art may help unlock forgotten memories or offer moments of clarity while enjoying the fun. For seniors who have challenges with verbal communication, art provides an alternative method to express thoughts and feelings in all kinds of ways.

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