Healthy Late Night Snacks When You Can’t Sleep

You thought that oatmeal was only for breakfast! This breakfast staple is a natural source of melatonin, a hormone that plays a role in sleep. Your brain releases more melatonin at night, and production of it declines with age. According to research, adding a sprinkle of cinnamon may also help balance your blood glucose levels to manage cravings, weight, and mood.

Dagwood from the Blondie the comic strip may have had it correct with his sandwich at night. Turkey is a good source of tryptophan, and studies show that this amino acid directly affects sleep. The whole grain bread in the sandwich is an added benefit. Carbohydrates help people absorb the tryptophan into the brain. You’ll be sleepy before long.

Choosing yogurt, nuts, and bananas are also healthy options for a late-night snack, but overeating before bed can cause health consequences. People who eat 25 percent of their calories after dinner may have NES, a form of disordered eating, and it’s essential to keep the caloric count down at night.

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