Unique Music Trivia – fantastic to share with Seniors

If you were around for the Olympics from 1912-1948, your favorite event could be music. Painting, poetry, literature, or architecture were also Olympic events too, which was good news for those less athletically inclined.

Music does release the same feel-good hormone, dopamine, released during eating and the sport between the sheets. If you think it only increases our fun, cows must like it because they produce more milk when listening to relaxing music.

For rock and roll fans, you may already know that Paul, George, John, and Ringo couldn’t read a single note of music as a Beatle. And the piano on which Paul played “Hey Jude” is the same piano that Freddie Mercury played the song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It’s good to know the unique things which great musicians share.

When you have the dial turned to country music, you hear about alcohol in 25 percent of songs, while a third refers to tears, and one in seven to “mama.” If you like to listen to Mozart while watering your plants, be sure to turn up the volume because plants grow faster with classical music.

Monaco has the best record in music: there are more individuals in their orchestra than there are in their army!

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