Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Green beer is an excellent way to begin your St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but there are other ways to add some Irish to your day. Donning your best green outfit is a tried-and-true custom, but hosting a best-dressed leprechaun contest could be a lot more entertaining!

Why not create a tavern atmosphere at home by darkening a room, sharing a little Irish whiskey, and playing a few Irish card games. Add to the fun with a competitive game of darts with your grandchildren’s dartboard.

Why not hold a parade with everyone in your house? Blow up some balloons and march through your home waving to the dog or cat or whoever is hosting the evening news. You can even choose a king and queen (even if it’s just two of you) and provide a tiara and hat for the winners.

After consuming a few more sips of whiskey, finish the evening with a jig-off. Download some dance music and dance away until there is only one left standing. Pick a judge who can retire those who don’t have good jig-stamina.

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