It’s Time to Dust Off Your Camping Gear

Seniors who camped in their youth most likely have happy memories of throwing the tent and sleeping bag into the car and taking off on an adventure. If you feel that same esprit de corps, it may be time to pull the gear out of the basement, dust it off, and head for the great outdoors again.

While the average age of tent camping is 40-years-old, many seniors are reviving their love of adventure. They aren’t inclined to RV travel but still want to smell the pines or sit by an isolated lake after a hike.

Today’s gear may be worth the upgrade. With advances in technology, most accessories are more lightweight. Newer lanterns, headlamps, and tent lights use LED bulbs, which are brighter, last longer, and run off smaller AA batteries. Tent sights often include electricity so that you can charge your phone or tablet and plug into that c-pap for a good night’s sleep.

Looking into a tall tent to make it easier to move around or a portable toilet to avoid middle-of-the-night ventures to the restroom make camping more luxurious. If luxury is more to your inkling, why not try tent glamping, where beautiful tents on wooden platforms await your arrival?

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