“Live Green”: Plants Add Life to Your Home

St Patrick’s Day triggers thoughts of Green, but have you thought of ways to Live Green?  Houseplants may be the new in-thing as more new stores pop up both in town and online. Creating a home full of jade or ferns may remind you of the enthusiasm in the 1970s when people began talking to their Ficus or jasmine to help it grow. Whether you want low-maintenance plants like succulents or mood enhancers like lavender, the plant’s health benefits are numerous.

Not only do houseplants absorb harmful air toxins associated with cleaning products or tobacco, but they also recycle carbon dioxide into fresh air. According to research, indoor plants reduce cold-related illnesses by more than 30 percent. They add moisture to the air, which increases the humidity and offers seniors protection against respiratory problems. They also reduce dust that can irritate the eyes and airways.

Your mood may boost when you walk into a room full of life and color. Many people find watering and caring for plants helps reduce tension or anxiety. And like people in the ‘70s, talking to your plants provides companionship, according to some research.

Read HERE to learn the benefits of houseplants and the types of plants perfect for your home. You may be singing throughout your day as the leaves lean towards you for a listen!