Baby Boomers are Returning to Hostels

If you spent many a European night in the 1970s locked in a youth hostel dorm with your backpack, you might not realize how these places changed over the decades. Today, hostels come with restaurants, bars, outdoor lounging, and seniors! Not only can you stay in a private room if you chose, but you can also have a private bath in many locations.

While most people think of a hostel as a place to economize while traveling, others turn to hostels because they can meet and mingle with like-minded travelers from all over the world. It is easy to learn where the best coffee or the latest gallery installation is if a new friend sitting next to you just visited it. Many hostels offer free wifi and breakfast with your stay. Your biggest issue will be picking from one of the 10,000 hostels located around the world.

The savvy traveler will check reviews before arriving. The advantages of the internet allow you to view photos and grasp the location before venturing there.

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