Seniors & their Grasp of Subtext in Film

With all the movies geared towards youth, what if you had a list of 120 captivating movies with seniors or aging wrapped in the theme? Couple that with a free online lecture this month from AARP on how to watch movies like a film professor. Not only would you have a lot of fun, but you’d also learn some tricks to get more out of the films you watch.

The Yale film lecturer who is hosting the presentation is a playwright, screenwriter, and film producer. During the 90-minute talk, you’ll learn how directors use subtext to bury something quite profound beneath a story’s glassy surface. You could become more adept at unraveling what is going on beneath the scenes playing out on the screen. Then take your newfound knowledge and apply it to the plethora of films focused on age and aging.

Peruse the list of films HERE about seniors and aging  in preparation for the lecture, and then head back to the list with a more perceptive critic’s eye. You may look at films such as Cocoon or Driving Miss Daisy from a different angle. Fried Green Tomatoes might present itself in a new light.

Read HERE for the link to sign up for the lecture, and then enjoy the month while watching newly discovered films. Don’t forget the popcorn!