Telehealth beats Traffic…

How many times have you fought traffic and parking to rush to a doctor’s appointment, only to have the physician take just five minutes to provide you with a referral to a specialist? Telehealth exploded into use during the pandemic, and many found that the ease of use may be something they don’t want to give up.

Providers note that patients with chronic diseases are good candidates to receive virtual care, especially with the emergence in recent years of wearable health devices. Doctors can receive heart and blood pressure readings electronically, thus avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor. Seniors will most likely want to continue face-to-face appointments, but they may be just as happy discussing issues from their smartphones.

Seniors will also see mental health professionals use online communication more often. Licensed counselors who use talk therapy will reach more people, and psychiatrists can refill prescriptions and order new ones after online discussions.

Read HERE where telehealth is heading in 2021. Medical offices and hospitals experienced a learning curve over the past year, and many seniors stand to benefit from the new techniques.