Best Newsletters for Ebook Readers

Avid readers often find themselves lost in bookstores or libraries, dreaming of the next great find. Today, those who love to read electronically find browsing as easy as opening your email! Newsletters abound for people who want to explore a specific genre, a particular author, or today’s best sellers. We learned HERE that one of the first steps to writing a memoir is reading memoirs. The Fussy Librarian offers a newsletter specific to memoirs, historical fiction, or any other genre.

Are you looking for a bargain? Early Bird Books provide flash sales of ebooks at $2.99 that match your interests. You download the novel after purchasing it through Kindle, Kobo, B&N, Google, or iBooks. When you finish, it is yours to keep forever.

If you miss in-person recommendations from your librarian, Riffle Books provides an online chat with a librarian, blogger, or bookstore employees for personalized book suggestions. With BookBub, you can create a profile, and you’ll receive a choice of books to match your preferences. If you like an author, they’ll inform you whenever that author’s books go on sale. As of today, 15 million people are using BookBubs services!

Read HERE for an overview of websites to meet all your reading dreams. You’ll be downloading a new novel shortly and reading until your eyes close tonight!