Home Will Never Be the Same Again

Gray divorce doubled between 1990 and 2015. More people over 50-years-old are choosing to leave marriages that have lasted 20 or 30 years. No matter the reason for the divorce, many adult children are reeling in the aftermath.

Starting fresh with a new partner or picking yourself up from the dissolution of a long-term marriage impacts more than you and your ex. Family holidays, weddings, and birthday celebrations experience disruptions, especially if the divorce is acrimonious. Adult children sometimes feel pressure to take sides or parent the parent left behind.

The often-overlooked person throughout the process is the adult child. It often coincides with a new career, finishing college, or starting a family. Their world turns upside down, no matter how much they saw it coming.

Home Will Never Be the Same Again addresses this often-overlooked component of late-in-life divorce. Gifting the book to your adult children may be the first step in opening communication or allowing them to realize they aren’t alone. It offers ways to cope with issues they may be suppressing.

Read HERE for a short overview from the authors and a link to look at the book in more depth.