Invincible Rather Than Invisible

Women over fifty who want a renewed sense of control in their work-life have a support team to focus on entrepreneurial and corporate opportunities. Second Act Women has over 6500 in their community that began in Denver by the two founders and quickly branched out worldwide.

What makes this organization unique is the commitment to the pride women feel in this age bracket and chapter in life. The peer-to-peer component has an underlying theme that women over 50 are at the top of the hill, not over the hill! They serve women who want advice on a second hustle or starting a new business. They also offer tools to help those who were laid off from corporate jobs to present themselves on LinkedIn and their updated resume.

Middlescence is a new term to describe women in the middle part of their life who want to connect with others for support, camaraderie, and collaboration. Second Act Women offers workshops, conferences, and retreats that cover topics like business planning and branding. They don’t shy away from the notion that entrepreneurship is challenging, both mentally, physically, and financially. Focus on your strengths and look to others (and the competition) for ways to combat your weaknesses.

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