Side Hustles for Seniors Who are Tired of Retirement

Who couldn’t use a little fun money in your pocket? How about if you want to lose weight at the same time? Healthy Wage lets you place a bet on how much you can lose. If you meet your goal, the payout arrives. One woman lost 68 pounds and received over $2400 for her efforts, which is plenty of money to start a new wardrobe with your svelte body!

Obvious choices for increased income are driving for Lift or UberEats, but if you don’t want to leave home, there are plenty of opportunities. If you have a particular ailment, you’d be an excellent candidate to sign up for a clinical trial. You may just get paid to sleep! If writing is your talent, why not create greeting cards and get paid to do it. Try monetizing your creative imagination by entering a writing contest that pays the winners.

If movies are your passion, there is even an app that offers gift cards for watching specific videos. There’s a site that pays you to take online surveys and pays you with Amazon gift cards.

You may start the side hustle to earn a little cash, but you may stick with it because you’re having so much fun!  Read HERE for links to all the opportunities listed above. Your piggy bank may burst faster than you anticipated.