How a Senior Move Manager can save the day!

The movers arrive, box everything up, and swoop it away. Not so fast!!
A senior move, especially when downsizing, is not a repeat of the days you packed up and changed cities as you changed careers. A lifetime of memories, not to mention boxes of vinyl records, are piled up in the attic – and letting go may not be easy emotionally.

Senior move managers are a new breed of professionals who help seniors with later-in-life changes. Downsizing, making your home safe for aging in place, or moving to an assisted living facility are all examples of when a senior move manager helps facilitate the process. Managing decades of clutter and distributing cherished items can be overwhelming, no matter how organized you are. A guiding hand to keep you on track may save hours of emotional energy. Family members participate but are relieved from overseeing the details.

Over 15 million older adults live alone in the United States, and they sometimes have no one to help or their children live thousands of miles away. A moving manager offers peace of mind, and their work can begin months before an actual move. Their contacts are invaluable, and their emotional support can be priceless.

Read here why you or a loved one might want to consider a senior moving manager:

Myths, Facts and Reasons to Consider a Senior Move Manager