Your Grandparents can be Key to Positivity for your Children

Why does time seem to slow down when one spends time with grandparents? While parents juggle work, home, and extracurricular activities for the entire family, grandparents have more time on their hands to bake cookies or build model airplanes.

Research shows that when children feel close to at least one grandparent, they exhibited higher pro-social behavior, defined as conduct that benefits others. While the causes aren’t clear, grandparents may model certain positive behaviors that children learn. The research also showed that if grandparents helped out financially, the grandchildren paid more attention in the classroom and were generally happier in school. If parents feel more economically secure due to monetary gifts, they have more emotional bandwidth to apply to their children.

Grandparent involvement may reduce stress for a parent’s harried life. Whatever the reason, the positive effect on children makes the time together with grandparents certainly worthwhile.

As seniors rediscover hobbies they put off for years, it allows them to share time with younger ones creating art, hiking, or playing an instrument long forgotten. Other studies show that most grandparents feel being with their grandchildren is the most satisfying part of their lives.

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