Mobility exercises are KEY for seniors

Have you found the right combination of exercise and lifestyle to keep mobility issues at bay? You may not be training for marathons anymore, but keeping up with physical activities is key to living on your own and engaging with others. Stretching exercises are especially beneficial for seniors who want to improve flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Low-impact activities provide a low risk of injury and can be safe and fun. Hiking and daily walks are probably the simplest aerobic ways since you only need proper shoes and a pathway. Cycling and swimming keep seniors moving without putting excess weight on joints. If you ready for a twirl on the dance floor, country or ballroom dancing are excellent choices to show your moves.

The key is the more you move, the easier it is to take on new hobbies or jump on an airplane to visit the places you’ve wanted to see all your life. The natural aging process will be at work as each decade arrives. Slowing that process down is as easy as walking around the neighborhood each morning. For those who live at an assisted living facility, joining others for a yoga or meditation class can increase mental health.

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