The Benefits of Food Journaling

Can you guess the number one source of fat in many women’s diets? It is the salad dressing on top of those healthy vegetables you are eating. At a time in life when seniors want to keep careful control of what they eat, underestimating the caloric or sodium components of diets may cause issues with time.

Keeping a journal of what you eat will bring attention to the nutritional value of your choices. Digital apps like My Fitness Pal will let you take a picture of the food and calculate the data. You may find that hidden fat in some of your choices may be derailing your attempts to lower your cholesterol. The surprising amount of sodium in the tuna salad you thought was such a good pick for lunch may be hurting your blood pressure readings.

Logging your food intake may influence you to recognize portion control. Having two cups of popcorn may be just as satisfying as five or six and count as a healthy snack rather than an over-indulgence. You may also note that you neglected to eat any fruit and will add three the next day.

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