Time to Move an E-Bike Up on Your To-Do List

“I’m 61 years old, and I get to ride Pikes Peak every summer.” This quote is from a gentleman who lives in Colorado, and if he can scale mountains on an electric bike, think what you can do, wherever you live. E-Bike sales have soared since the pandemic as people look for alternative ways to exercise and be outdoors.

You learned HERE how e-bikes will transform how seniors age. With spring arriving, there are more reasons to jump on the craze. There are four categories of e-bike riders, and you may fit into more than one of them:

You’ve never been a cyclist but are looking for new ways to stay active.
You have a partner who cycles much faster than you, and you want to leave him/her in the dust!
Shopping and chores can be tedious in the car, and an e-bike makes it easy to carry a heavy load home in a basket.
You may not be able to walk long distances, but you can pedal with ease.

Research from The University of Colorado in 2016 shows electric bikes can improve aerobic capacity and blood sugar regulation. One 58-year-old woman in Colorado purchased an e-bike due to her husband’s insistence and went on to complete 6,800 miles in less than three years commuting to work.

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