14 Hobbies for Retirement

Retirement brings about one gift that probably wasn’t plentiful throughout your life: tremendous amounts of time! Now you can enjoy those hobbies you could only dream of when work pressures and family commitments dictated most of your life. Now you can spend long hours in passionate pursuits, whether you have the talent for them, or not!

If you are one with expendable income, you can conjure up future endeavors while sailing on a newly acquired yacht. Of course for most, a new canoe or a motorized raft will do the trick. Daydreaming could be one of the more productive uses of your time in retirement as you come up with pleasurable pastimes.

Brewing beer or raising chickens can entertain and educate seniors in chemistry or farming. No matter which end of the spectrum you enjoy, you’ll gather new information along the way. Reading is another hobby you can dive into with abandon, whether it is to learn more about your new undertaking or to slip away into a world of books you’ve had on your list to read for decades.

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