Happiness in retirement can come from “rewirement”, through Yale online course

The United States ranks a low 18th in the world for the happiest population on earth. Maybe seniors help boost our ratings by participating in a course that teaches researched-backed habits for building a happy life. The class, first introduced to Yale undergraduates, was so popular that the professor set up a free, online course that over two million people signed up for in 2020!

The course, The Science of Well-Being, is taught in a low-key environment with no pressure to answer questions or be accountable for homework assignments. One of the benefits: you can verify if the course makes you happier by comparing the results of a questionnaire on your baseline happiness at the beginning and again at the end of the class.

The ten-week course includes video lectures, optional readings, and ‘rewirement” activities to practice each day. Research suggests that consistent practice of the new habits can boost your mood and overall wellbeing.

If you are ready to learn about the misconceptions about happiness, why we don’t correctly set happiness expectations, or how we can overcome our biases, this may be an excellent use of your time. You will grasp what makes you happy and how to put strategies into practice.

Read HERE for more details of upping your happy quotient and a link to start learning today!