Springtime in the Garden

The days are longer, and the sun peeks through the clouds a little more each day. No matter where you live in the country, spring means there is plenty to do in the garden. Whether you are dodging rain clouds or bundling up in a parka, it’s time to make way for what will be popping up soon!

April is synonymous with anticipation. Before the bulbs begin to appear or the crocuses emerge, pull out the rake and clear out last year’s debris. Spring is an excellent time to add a layer of compost or sprinkle plant food into the soil.
Pull out your pruners, cut back old wood, and cut back grasses. If you’ve stored your trellis in the garage for the winter, it’s time to clean it up and return it to the garden.

Don’t be surprised if your trip to the nursery overwhelms you in colors that burst from containers after a dull, monotonous winter. Deciding where to plant new perennials and coordinating bed colors allows your creativity to flourish.

Read HERE for ten essential gardening tasks for spring. Grab your trowel and have fun!