Have You Thought of Retiring in Europe?

While American tourists aren’t flocking to Europe quite yet, moving there permanently for retirement is gaining popularity. More than 700,000 Americans receive their monthly social security payments in multiple foreign countries, with many more opting for the European lifestyle.

Whether you’ve researched your roots and want to live in the culture of your ancestors, or you’ve fallen in love with specific areas of Europe after decades of travel, you won’t be alone.

Travel and Leisure Magazine offers insight into nine cities that are most popular with retirees. If you are interested in wine and culture, Bordeaux provides warm summers and mild winters to enjoy your passions. France has some of the best healthcare globally, and seniors have access to it after meeting specific criteria.

Maybe you’d enjoy exploring the 3,600 miles of Croatian coastline by retiring in Split, where you can legally purchase real estate. If beer is your fancy, there are already 120,000 expatriates imbibing in Prague’s world-renowned pilsner. Poland has a world-famous healthcare system, as well.

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