When to Consider a Medical Alert System

A wearable device that allows you to summon emergency assistance provides seniors with help at your fingertips. Some seniors may push back at the thought of wearing a device, but the benefits of a medical alert system are significant for those who choose to age-in-place.

Seniors may not realize that that they can use a medical alert system for other emergencies. Help is close by whether you have physical issues, a fire, or a home intruder. When someone lives alone, getting help as quickly as possible is one of the more significant reasons to consider the device.

Any senior living alone is at risk of unforeseen issues. If you’ve had a previous fall, having a medical alert system may offset the need to hire a nurse or ask a family member to look in on you. The device can be calming to those who feel anxious about their physical limitations. Some medications have adverse side effects that could cause dizziness or vertigo. The added security of knowing someone would be alerted in the case of a fall is beneficial.

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