Are Those Cobwebs in Your Eye?

At least spiders don’t arrive with this condition! These annoying floaters drift about in your vision and cause frustration. The moment you try to focus on them, they dart out of your field of vision.

The most common cause for them is age-related, but there are times when you should call the doctor immediately. Over time, the jelly-like substance that maintains your eye’s round shape changes, causing the substance to clump and block light passing through your vision. Shadows occur called floaters and are most noticeable when looking at a blue sky or a bright white wall.

Floaters are not an issue of concern, and treatments are usually not recommended since they can be risky. Most often, patients get used to them after a few months, as discussed HERE. However, if there is a sudden onset of more floaters than usual or a flash of light in the same eye as the floaters, visit the emergency room immediately. If a retinal tear is the cause of the floaters or cobwebs, it could mean you have a retinal detachment. Untreated retinal detachment can cause permanent vision loss.

Read HERE for more details on the symptoms and causes of floaters. More than likely, you’ll find no reason to worry.