The Modern Fountain of Youth

The research is in and the studies confirm seniors have the key to enhancing psychological and physical health, increasing productivity, creativity, and resilience. The one powerful element seniors can incorporate to avoid the frustration of aging, illness, and loneliness is purpose. Purposeful aging is a new model for living.

Opportunities in purposeful activities such as mentoring, volunteering, and entrepreneurship will shift senior’s energy forward. Engaging with others and giving back provides positive feedback and feelings of self-worth. One Yale study showed that seniors with a positive self-perception lived 7.5 years longer than those who are less positive. Another study showed that people with a high level of purpose were 2.4 times more likely to remain free of Alzheimer’s disease.

With thousands of people turning 65 each day, it is an opportunity to use the wisdom of the boomer generation to bring forth beneficial change in society. The stereotype of the frail granny is evolving to the woman who uses civic engagement to lead her community. Grandpa is throwing away the cane to become the man who uses his past employment knowledge to create innovative products to enhance the needs of the aging demographic.

Read HERE to grasp an understanding of what ageism in the 21st century will become. Juan Ponce de Leon has nothing on you!