Addressing the Future with Your Aging Parents

Knowing how your parents intend to age begins with a conversation. However, that conversation could be challenging if one or both aren’t open to exploring options. Reversing roles can be threatening just as much as a fear of becoming a burden on their children. So, where to begin?

While each family is different, it behooves all adult children to know where the essential papers are, even if the parents aren’t willing to share them yet. Where do they bank? Are there estate documents like wills or trusts drawn up? Do they hold insurance policies? These are questions that can begin conversations without becoming too overwhelming.

Family physicians ask seniors to fill out medical directives or living wills. Sharing this form may help develop more discussions.

Talking with your parents about where they want to live in the future doesn’t mean they have to leave their current living situation today. Taking baby steps allows parents to ease into the realities ahead.

Read HERE for a list of seven items you want access to if your parent should become incapacitated. Then sit back and enjoy the good times with them!