Is It Time to Start a Blog?

Don’t think anyone will read your blog? Seniors are still the fastest-growing demographic online – and whatever knowledge you have, there is an audience out there who wants to learn from it! And this is the key: focus on your passion.

It can take up to six months to find a following for your blog. If you aren’t writing about something you care intensely about, you may not have the stamina to stick with it over the long haul. According to the author of the blog sixtyandme, a highly successful senior blog site, it’s better to have a passionate following of fifty people than thousands that brush by after a glance.

The best advice is to start writing without worrying if you get it right at first. Some sites will host your blog for free, and others will let you create a personal website. Hone your interest down to specifics. If you want a cooking website, focus on a specific cuisine, like Mexican, Italian, vegan, or glutton-free.

You can even try blogging out by writing a piece for AgingTopic! Whatever you do, it’s imperative to have fun.

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