The Buying and Selling Frenzy of Homes

Is everyone moving? The housing shortage across the country has real estate agents scrambling and homebuyers frustrated. Many seniors are evaluating whether it’s time to sell. While the return on their home can be profitable, downsizing or moving to a less expensive area can act as a deterrent. At the same time, many are picking up and moving on.

Baby boomers aged 65-73 sold their homes at a higher rate than any other group in 2020. All of the top ten most popular cities for seniors to search for new homes were in Florida. The Carolinas and Georgia also saw a bump in popularity. Four things to consider before you sell your abode are HERE.

When you set out to purchase a new home, beware! Buyers today go to extremes to close on the home of their dreams but don’t necessarily use financial prudence. Waiving contingencies is popular to entice the seller to close, but the repercussions could be more costly than expected. Offering over the asking price may take longer for you to recoup your investment.

Read HERE for an overview on why buying now could make sense versus waiting until the market settles down. The more you know, the better decisions you’ll make.  For a personal conversation with a Senior Real Estate Specialist, call Amy Lance at (404) 550-2608