Great Trends in Senior Communities for This Decade

The Senior living community may refer to this decade as the Roaring 20s of the 21st century. Exciting changes are ahead for the active generation of the more than 72 million boomers. As retirement communities change to meet the demand, seniors benefit from the upgrades.

Zoomers represent a subset of 55 to 65-year-old seniors with an active lifestyle. Communities catering to this group are popping up near golf courses, nature trails, or aquatic facilities. Urban boomers will see closed malls or hotels become senior housing, which appeals to those seniors who like to mix with multiple generations.

A choice of dining will replace the formal dining experience. Casual pubs or cafes are arriving at assisted living facilities. Sports bars are incorporated as an element of fun, which is what many boomers want.

The days of 600 to 800 square foot apartments of old will give way to patio homes and townhomes in quaint neighborhoods. Seniors are choosing to “smartsize,” which is combining your living and lifestyle needs.

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