Risks Versus Rewards of Bike Riding for Seniors

Breezing down a path with flowers blooming and the sun shining is what many seniors consider a piece of heaven. It is difficult to deny that bike riding serves as an excellent low-impact sport, but consider taking your new sport slowly before you race away. The rewards associated with bike riding will outweigh the risks for any senior who follows precautions.

Falls are the leading cause of health issues for seniors. Cycling brings an element of risk with it, and the most expensive bikes and latest equipment don’t make a safe cyclist. If you take your time to hone your abilities, you may begin a long love affair with your bicycle. Bicycle paths are continuously popping up throughout the country, and they provide a car-free environment for those just beginning. Understanding the routes near your home and traffic congestion allows you to avoid issues that could be uncomfortable.

Biking groups embrace new members, but before joining a group, avoid those whose abilities are more advanced than yours. If they outpace you, don’t try and keep up! Take the slower route home and ride with someone who likes cycling at your speed.

Read here for ten benefits that bike riding offers seniors. Included are more safety tips for seniors to ease your way into gliding down those paths!

10 Benefits of Bike Riding for Seniors