Whipping-Up Mediterranean Meals

How often do you face the end of the day with no desire to order out and no energy to get creative in the kitchen? Before you grab unhealthy snack food, you may want to make a simple meal from a week of recipes inspired by the Mediterranean Diet. We learned HERE the healthy benefits that vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein sources provide, and so why not slip a meal or two into your diet full of nutritious ingredients?

While zucchini noodles with pesto and chicken may sound exotic, whipping it up can be as easy as having the noodles and pesto on hand from your local grocery store. Your chicken will take ten minutes to sauté, and viola! You have a healthy and filling dinner (and family or friends will think you’re a gourmet cook).

We can’t enjoy the sun-drenched waters nestled between Europe and Africa just yet, but create the ambiance with a meal of salmon with sun-dried tomato cream sauce.

Read HERE for a week of 400-calorie Mediterranean meals. You’ll find a shopping list and videos of the preparations. Sunglasses not included.