Stunning Fashion for the Adventurous Senior 

If you are a senior who loves vibrant colors, there is an online shop full of clothes, home accessories, and ceramics to match your flair. Gudrun’s World is a style so unique that museums exhibit her work. In 2020, the National Nordic Museum of Seattle showcased a retrospective that included the influence that folk art from around the world had on her creations. A four-minute virtual tour is available HERE.

Gudrun Sjoden’s Swedish upbringing influences her work, but she cites French artist Henri Matisse’s bright canvases and Mexican painter Frida Hahlo’s eclectic style has an impact. When she travels to Kenya, Botswana, China, and India, she returns with notebooks full of thoughts and ideas and paints watercolors drawing from those trips. She names each collection for the region that inspired her. Uzbekistan influenced a line full of dark, rich colors and a myriad of prints. 

Whether you are interested in wearing layers upon layers of her mix and match collection or you want to pepper your home with towels, mugs, tablecloths, or napkins, the patterns will surely bring a smile. 

Read HERE for an overview of her work. When you want to write home when traveling to Sweden, you can purchase a postal stamp that pictures one of her dresses!