Wait list could serve you well for Senior Living Communities

Moving to a senior living facility is an easy decision for some and an anxious transition for others. Luckily, the long wait times at many communities may help those on both sides of the coin. 

Joining a wait list pushes out the decision until you are comfortable with it. It allows you to visit and get to know the facility over time. Many allow you to dine at their eating locations or participate in outings. As you get comfortable with the people and the culture, you may wish that the date would come sooner than you hoped!

For those who make quick decisions, the wait list has other benefits. It gives you more time to downsize your current home. Moving furniture or passing keepsakes onto family members can happen over months (or even years) rather than during the time crunch when the moving date arrives. 

Placing your name at more than one location offers flexibility to pick and choose as the dates draw near. If your health needs change, you can look into assisted living as opposed to independent living. Be sure to check the deposit and withdrawal requirements to ensure your deposits can be refunded. 

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