It’s May: put Spring in your every step!

It is the season of promise and celebration. As flowers pop and trees bloom, there are many ways to enjoy the warm temperatures before the hot summer arrives. Open up the windows or head outdoors to soak in the sunshine.

It’s no coincidence that spring inspires many poems, and spring is a time to rejuvenate your creative juices. Whether your passions lean towards photography or painting, you can capture the color of spring blooms on canvas or through photographs. If you love to cook, search for those recipes that embrace the fruits of spring. Asparagus tarts and lemon cakes will bring joy to those around you.

Spring-cleaning is as old as America. Warm breezes will air out your home as you dig through closets and drawers to fluff and refold. Sweep up the floors and bring in the flowers to fill every vase in your home.

A day at the farmer’s market provides a bounty of fruits and vegetables to fill the refrigerator with treats. Enjoy the parks and rivers that sit waiting for your next picnic.

Read HERE for six ways to enjoy the spring. Hopefully, allergy sneezes or itchy eyes will be short lived!