You can pay $1/day for an RV rental: through RV relocation plans!!

Travel hacks are worth their weight in gold if you know where to look! The link below to Field Notes gives you websites and many more details around these RV relocation deals where you can pay just $1/day to drive an RV from one location to the next, and often with additional budgets given to you for gas!  Some companies give you mileage limits to stay on the direct route from point A to point B but others give you more flexibility to drive anywhere you like as long as you reach the destination on schedule.   This opportunity can be found in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe & UK!

Typically they only expect you to drive maybe 2 – 3 hours per day. These websites normally give you a 2 – 3 week notice (since they would rather rent the RV at normal rates vs $1/day) so don’t expect this deal to give you much time to plan around the dates, but if you have a flexible schedule and want to jump on the open road, it’s a terrific bargain!  Check out these sites:

Sometimes there are car rentals too which need to be relocated, and you can find them here.

Read more from Field Notes here:

Field Notes link to $1 RV rental