Become the Sophisticated Home Bartender

Most seniors agree the bar scene is for the young and restless. Why not stay home and entertain with aplomb? Up your game and create the sophisticated drinks most people would only order when wearing a tie or a little black dress.

One drink that was so famous for years that you wouldn’t see on bar menus is the Negroni. It includes three simple ingredients and is as easy to make as a gin and tonic. Read HERE for the recipe and the perfect glass for serving.

Skip bartending school and learn a few simple tricks on your own. A citrus twist is as easy as grabbing your vegetable peeler. Pinch the peel in half horizontally over itself to release the citrus oils, and rub the peel along the rim of the glass. You are a professional already!

If you extract the juices from lemons, limes, and oranges, you’ll have more delicious juices than any of those that are store-bought or pre-made. Choosing ice cubes could be a fun hobby on its own: crushed ice for drinks that need diluting, or large round or square cubes melt slowly in spirit-heavy cocktails, and you can purchase molds for your Tom Collins ice spears.

Read HERE for six home tips to become a master bartender!