Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale

Seniors are downsizing, moving to sunnier places, and beginning new chapters in upscale assisted-living communities. Closing on the successful sale of your current home will help launch the next phase of your life. Small upgrades can make a big difference before you place the For Sale sign on the front lawn.

Freshen up your home! Replacing potted plants (or adding them) offers the potential buyer a clean and natural environment, especially if the plants greet people when they arrive. An added touch would be to paint the front door. First impressions make lasting impressions. 

Brighten your home by upping the wattage of light bulbs. Adding incandescent lights can create a warmer tone, leaving your buyer feeling as if they are already home. If you change all the switch plates, it may give the buyer the impression you’ve upgraded the entire electrical system. 

Clean the carpets and hide all the kitchen gadgets in the cabinets! If your buyer starts imaging their items on the counters, you’re closer than you think to a sale. Stainless carpets create the effect of a new home. 

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