Understanding Home Care Assistance vs. Geriatric Care Managers.. & how they work together

Retirement for many starts off as a warm embrace to stop stressing over work obligations and start making plans for vacations and hobbies we have always wanted to try or develop further – but aside from the mix of fun planning, it is equally important to put in place plans as we age with experts to help identify needs.

Most of us have learned in our lives to never underestimate the value of clear communication and understanding… This applies even more so as Seniors approach a time when decisions need to be made – by themselves and their families – to ensure everyone’s needs are met!  You read HERE about the importance a Geriatric Care Manager can play in untangling the web of options and sources.  Read HERE to understand how Home Care Assistance pairs perfectly with the Geriatric Care Manager who has a broad knowledge of the needs of aging parents and the costs associated with them, as well as how to work within the budget each family is managing. Working together, this partnership can assess the needs, the budget, and make it possible to age in place safely and securely, or move to the best fit among options for a senior community.

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