Have fun with the New York Sour!

Although sometimes New York is the center of controversy, there are many times it grabs the exciting center of attention, and back in the day there was good reason for certain cocktails and libations to proudly claim their popularity was from New York.  Enter the New York Sour.

Its predecessor, the Whiskey Sour, first appeared in the 1862 version of the Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide. The New York Sour reportedly appeared in the 1870’s or 1880’s as a similar cocktail but with a red wine floater on top. With a choice of rye whiskey or bourbon as a base, a rye-spiked sour has more prominent spice notes than a bourbon sour, but either way the blend of the base with fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and egg white make for a silky textured, frothy cocktail and a striking visual result.

It is relatively simple to create, yet looks impressive and tastes complex.  Read HERE  for the story, the recipe, and a terrific short video walking you through your own creation of it at home.